Thursday, October 07, 2004

I'm taking advantage of our last night with high-speed internet access for a while to get some more photos posted. We check out at noon tomorrow and head for Springfield, VA. The kids and I will hang out there with our friends the Koltons and try to meet up with other friends in the area; Fred heads back to Baghdad by way of Detroit, Amsterdam, and Kuwait on Saturday afternoon.

I'm so glad we got this week together. I know Fred must feel like he's under interrogation, but I just can't quit picking his brain. The number-one thing that I have missed over the past 4.5 months is talking about stupid little details at the end of the day. So I'm trying to fill up on trivial information to last me until he gets his mid-tour leave sometime in January or February.

Last night we had a formal dinner for the conference. The food was delicious, and I always love a man in uniform:

Yesterday I had the last of my official meetings, so we slept in this morning. This afternoon we went over to my friend Nell's house so I could visit with her and Melissa, another of my internet buddies. On the way there, we saw this amazing squirrel sculpture, and the kids insisted I take a picture. Makes me wish I had a treestump and a chainsaw:

We hung out at Nell's house for a couple hours and had a great time visiting. Mike took this picture for us:

You might remember from my post from the day Fred left that we took pictures of him standing back-to-back with the kids so that we could have a clear measure of how much they grow over this next year. We re-took the photos this afternoon, and here they are--the new and the old:

If I were truly dedicated, I would re-crop them all so that Fred maintains a constant size. Maybe once I'm home in Germany. For now I think they successfully convey the message--these kids are gettin' BIG!

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