Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I need to take a minute here to blog all the happy stuff before we get too far into the week and I start feeling sad about Fred having to go back.

We left San Antonio in the pouring rain Saturday morning and made it to Baltimore with absolutely no problems. Fred and I had agreed that we would meet at the USO there at the airport, so that's where we headed as soon as we got our bags. I ran up to the AMC counter to try and get the October space-A schedule (no luck) and returned to the USO about 5 minutes before Fred showed up.

I saw him cruising past in the hall, looking anxious as he tried to figure out where he was going. I waved and he ran in and gave me the biggest hug of my life. This was the most emotionally worked-up I've ever seen Fred, so when the kids jumped on him, I reached over and snagged the fake earring out of Mike's head. In the emotion of the moment, it just didn't seem as funny as it had in the Halloween store.

We got our rental car (minivan actually) and hit the road. We stopped for supper in Springfield, VA, at my all-time favorite Thai restaurant. I hadn't been there in years, and the proprietor was so excited to see Mike and Annabelle all grown up. After supper, we continued on and reached Charlottesville at around 10 p.m.

Our hotel is great! We're in the Residence Inn by Marriott, which is just behind Barracks Road Shopping Center and just down the hill from the JAG school. The kids are excited to have their own TV in the living room with all those good American cable stations and high-speed internet access--the better to feed their Neopets!

Yesterday afternoon Fred had meetings, so I went out to meet one of my internet friends (picture to follow later). We had a great visit, and then I met Fred back at the JAG school for the icebreaker. Here's a picture of us sitting in the lobby at the school:

Fred's parents arrived today, so tonight we went to The Outback for a reunion supper. Tomorrow they are planning on taking the kids shopping in the morning (I have a half-day of meetings), and then we'll take them to the pool in the afternoon.

Having Fred back feels even better than I had expected!

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