Saturday, October 09, 2004

Greetings from the USO at Baltimore-Washington International Airport. We just checked in at the AMC counter and I found out that my space-available upgrade to Category 3 from Category 5 (on account of Fred's deployment) is good on this side of the pond as well as the other. So we're now on the list as Cat 3's, which is a good thing, and there is a flight Monday night to Germany, which is an even better thing. Right now they're showing 5 available seats, but there's always the possibility of no-shows. So the plan is to turn in the rental car Monday afternoon and cross our fingers. We came to the USO so that I could get on the internet and check out rates for hotels in the area in case we can't get out on Monday.

Mostly though I'm procrastinating. Fred and the kids are hanging out in the waiting room, and when I sign off of here, it's going to be time for The Big Goodbye. We all seem to be taking it much harder this time around, although thus far it's been for a briefer period of time. I felt horrible for a solid month leading up to the last farewell, and this time we actually had about 5 good days before reality started hitting.

I probably won't post again until we're at home in Germany. Let's hope it doesn't take too long to get there. We've had a great vacation--a wonderful time in Texas and such fun reuniting with Fred--but we're all feeling pretty burned out right now, and frankly we just want to go home. Clicking heels and hitting "publish post" . . .

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