Tuesday, September 28, 2004

What a roller coaster today has been! I spent the morning in near hysterics, repeatedly refreshing my email in the hopes that The Answer would suddenly (and FINALLY) arrive. When Fred went to bed at around 1 p.m. my time still having received no answer, I shot his boss a quick email asking him to please let me know if he heard something today. I just couldn't face the thought of waking up YET AGAIN thinking "Today is the day I will know." I never expected good news to arrive at such a late hour, but when I got home this evening I got this:

Bonnie -- Great news! The RDCs will be invited to the worldwide. Sending out a note to Fred now. Take care.


It's hard to type when you're Snoopy-dancing, but I just got an additional shot of good news. I just got off the phone with Guide Dogs of Texas, and it looks like the guide dog puppy we raised for a year when we were living here will be graduating in a couple of months and getting a job!

Who would have thought this would turn out to be such a very good day?!

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