Friday, September 24, 2004

It's here, it's here! My suitcase is here!! Here's the slightly dazed Fed Ex man delivering it this morning:

He said he had never seen anybody so happy to get a lost suitcase before, and I believe it. The relief is overwhelming!

It has been a frustrating week, dealing with the Air Force. I swear, sometimes I think that I have worked harder on bringing this suitcase "home" than any single person in a uniform. And it has been hard, because the longer it went on, the more furious I became, but the farther removed said suitcase was from the dimwits (thank you, Rhein-Main!) who lost it in the first place. So I've had to preface my constant harping by saying: "Look--I know that YOU did not lose my suitcase. YOU are merely the person who has it now and who is trying to get it back to me. But let me tell you what I've been through . . . " Because it seems that there is always only 1 person at any given base who is tasked with managing lost and found luggage, and he may or may not be there, and he may or may not have the first freakin' clue about the found-luggage return system. But it doesn't matter now, because it's HERE!

Now, if only I could get word that Fred is, in fact, going to be at his conference (which starts a week from Monday), it would be a truly stellar day, and the Army could have some of the irrationally abundant affection I currently feel towards the Air Force. It could be a multi-force lovefest! Unfortunately, current intel (or lack thereof) suggests that it could be Monday before we get a final answer. I stand by my earlier statement that pregnant teenage girls are more efficient at throwing shotgun weddings than the JAG Corps is at planning a conference they host Every Single Year. Prove me wrong, JAG Corps--prove me wrong! Please.

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