Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I'm really glad that the Russia trip is behind us. It was freaky enough being there when the planes went down last week. But now with the news of the metro bombing and the school hostage situation . . . it's just too much. The hostage crisis tugs at my sympathies because of the children involved. The metro bombing hits a little too close to home though: the station that was bombed is exactly 2 stops south of the hotel where I stayed in 1986 when I visited Moscow and also 2 stops south of where our tour guide lives. I don't know what we would have done if all this had happened the week before our trip instead of the week after.

Today we took Mom to the mall, to my favorite plant store, and out to the Odenwald to one of our favorite restaurants. Tomorrow morning she and I are going to go to the mall for cake and coffee for breakfast, and in the afternoon we're taking her to the Luisenpark.

I can't believe her month with us is almost over. She is scheduled to leave on Friday, but we don't know how Hurricane Frances is going to affect her travel arrangements.

I've decided to just relax and enjoy our remaining time together and worry about blogging Russia over the weekend. I did manage to get the photos transferred from the camera to the computer, so I'm making baby steps.

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