Sunday, August 01, 2004

This will be a post about a number of random, unrelated subjects. First, to demonstrate my renewed commitment to maintaining my PG rating, I give you this picture of a bee not having sex:

I had hoped to attract a butterfly or 2 with my garden. Instead I have drawn the entire bee population of the greater Mannheim area.


Amy tells me that there were actually 9 other people in the audience at the movie the other day, not 5 as I had reported. The other 4 must have sneaked in once the show had started.

Here's a picture of our local movie theater, Kinopolis:

And here are some of the shows that are currently playing:

I went to see Die Frauen von Stepford last Tuesday when it was the English movie for the week. I went with 6 friends from the neighborhood--4 of us have husbands who are currently deployed--and we had a terrific time. It was the perfect chick-flick! I wish though that we had thought to dress the part, like my sister and her gang when they went to see it. Here's Jenny looking her Stepford best:


Speaking of my sister, I've always thought she was a textbook case, and it turns out I was right. Jenny works for publisher Harcourt and was chosen to portray a teacher in this photograph for a Mississippi fourth grade social studies textbook:


Yesterday the kids and I went with my friend Elle and her daughter Delana to Schwetzingen for the festival of lights at the palace there. We got there quite early in order to find a good parking spot, and then we killed time by going out to dinner at the Brauhaus across the street from the palace. We took turns taking pictures of each other to send to our husbands in Iraq. Here's my crew:

And here are Elle and Delana:

At around 5:30 we strolled across to the palace and began exploring the gardens. We immediately realized that we weren't very well prepared for the evening. Most of the Germans were staking out a bit of ground with tablecloths and coolers. Since we weren't prepared to establish a picnic site, we just wandered around enjoying the beautiful scenery and the various musical acts that were scattered throughout the park, such as these ballerinas:

As we tromped through the woods, Annabelle hitched a ride on Mike's back:

There were thousands of paper lanterns strung up all throughout the gardens, but alas we didn't get to see them lit. I don't know if it was the heat, the humidity, or the schnitzel I had for supper, but by about 7:00 p.m., my tummy hurt and we were all ready to head for home.


Sure, lots of neighborhoods have ice cream trucks. How many have nutcracker trucks though? That's right--every few weeks the nutcracker truck drives through Grant Circle. Unlike an ice cream truck, which generally blares obnoxious music (think "It's a Small World"), our nutcracker guy plays soothing melodies.

How funny. Just as I was typing this, what do you think should go cruising past my window? The ice cream truck! Now if only the commissary would make deliveries . . . I might never have to leave my house.

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