Friday, August 20, 2004

I'm blogging from bed just because I can. Mom and I brought the laptop up here to catch up on episodes of this season's Six Feet Under that I've downloaded but haven't had time to watch. I was trying to upload some pictures, but my wireless connection is pitifully slow, so that will have to wait until tomorrow.

We celebrated Annabelle's birthday today (yesterday now, I guess) at Kids' World in Lampertheim. Her actual birthday isn't until Monday, but we'll be in Russia then (we have tickets to the Moscow circus that night). This was her chance to celebrate with her friends, and all in all it was a really nice party.

Getting ready for this trip is going to drive me crazy. It's hard enough to figure out what kinds of clothes we should take--are the weather reports right, or are we going to get there and either freeze or roast? On top of that, we're trying to put together enough American snack food to sustain the kids if the food is as bad now as it was in 1986, the last time I was there. I'm also trying to brush up on my basic Russian as well as reviewing my German adjectival endings so that I don't humiliate myself with our tour companions. Did I mention that we're going on a German tour?

I'm not taking the computer to Russia, so I'll have plenty of blogging to make up for when we return. As it is, I've got my final 2 Poland posts as well as several "catch up" posts from the summer sitting here in draft form, just waiting to be finalized and posted. Cross your fingers that I get it all done between now and Sunday!

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