Tuesday, August 10, 2004

I need to go wake up the rest of my crew if we're going to have any hope of hitting the road by 9:00, but I wanted to share this first. I just found a news story on Yahoo about a teenager, Brandon Maxfield, who was paralyzed from the neck down when he was accidentally shot by a babysitter years ago. The gun maker was found partially liable for his injuries because the gun could be unloaded only when the gun was in firing position. (The babysitter was trying to unload the gun when it went off.)

The gun manufacturer has filed for bankruptcy protection, and 75,600 of its unassembled guns will be auctioned off on Thursday. The teenager is raising money to purchase the guns, which he plans on having melted down and formed into a sculpture of some sort.

I went to Brandon's website and donated 20 bucks to his cause. It's not much, but according to the website, that's enough money to keep 10 guns off the street. I don't generally use my blog as an opportunity to shill for a cause, and I will admit that 30 minutes ago I knew nothing of Brandon. I think it would be wonderful though if some of my readers would help support what he is trying to do.

My Florida readers might be especially interested to know that the bankruptcy proceedings are taking place in a Jacksonville bankruptcy court. Click here to read about the sleazy legal maneuverings of the company's owner and plant manager.

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