Monday, August 30, 2004

"The Hell You Don't Know" Tour: Part IV 

We awoke in Nowy Sacz the morning of Friday, August 13, to the sound of rain pouring down. At first we thought that we would just start heading towards home, but after we enjoyed a delicious breakfast downstairs in the hotel restaurant, the skies started to clear. We would be able to explore the town after all!

Here are a couple of photos that show the view from our hotel windows. The apartment house was directly across the street from us:

And we were catty corner to the church:

We checked out of the hotel, stashed our bags in the van, and headed downtown on foot. Along the way, we saw these movie posters, which I found amusing:

The homeless man in the church doorway, not so amusing:

We happened to stumble upon a street market. We wandered around for a while but didn't buy anything:

The town hall in the middle of the downtown square is amazing. I had to make a vertical panorama to fit the whole thing into one picture. Also, note the little dog in the foreground; we saw him all around town that morning:

Mike took this picture of Mom and me in front of the flowers at the town hall:

We stopped in at the courtyard of St. Margaret's before continuing on our way:

Mom was itching to grab some dirt from the motherland, so she and Annabelle perched on this rock wall where Annabelle could enjoy some bread while Mom scooped dirt into a plastic bag:

The remains of the castle were especially interesting to us. The kids enjoyed climbing around on the ruins:

And I took this picture of Mom sitting in the window:

From the castle, we hiked back to the town square and caught a taxi back to the hotel. It was by far the cheapest taxi ride I've ever taken--something in the neighborhood of $2.

We sat in the hotel parking lot for a while, studying the map and trying to plan our way home. Finally, the non-English-speaking attendant (who has a sister in Cincinnati) came over to help us out. The route he suggested would have been more direct, but it would have also involved a lot of backtracking. I still had to get some Slovakian air for my little girl. And besides, we don't call this "the hell you don't know" tour for nothing!

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