Friday, July 09, 2004

You know how it is when you take on one small redecorating project? Say you want to paint your kitchen. You paint it, but then your floor looks really tired, so you replace that. Then you notice that your cupboards need refacing and your light fixtures look like something off the set of The Brady Bunch. And so it continues, on and on and on until your kitchen is just like George Washington's hatchet--it's original equipment except for the head and handle, which have both been replaced a time or 2.

I'm afraid that this is what is happening in my yard. Late last summer, I set out some heather plants, and I was really happy with them. They weren't huge or dramatic, but they were different and they provided a little splash of color along with my modest windowboxes of pansies. But then I put hanging geraniums in my windowboxes and planted standing geraniums in the ground. I even put a huge pot of fuschias on my little cafe table Then the walls themselves looked a little bland, so I hung up pots of strawberries and a huge mess of petunias, and before I knew it, the heathers I admired so much last summer looked rather . . . boring.

Daddy and I went out to Pflanzen Paradies the other day and I bought wildflowers to intersperse among the heather plants and 24 begonias to accent the outer edge of the flower bed. But when I went to plant them, I discovered that at least half my yard was nothing more than an enormous tangle of tree roots, so I have spent the past 3 days de-rooting my yard. It has been a battle of Middle Earth proportions. I know the neighbors must think I'm insane, as they watch me whack away at my yard with an axe and jump up and down furiously on my shovel.

By early evening today, however, I had cleared the area of all offending root material. And I had created a front yard that looked like this:

After supper, I went back out and planted my wildflowers in and around my heathers. Now it looks like this, and this is as good as it'll get for the next couple of days, as we have a roadtrip planned for tomorrow:

We're coming back on Monday, so I hope that by Tuesday or Wednesday I'll have planted the begonias and spread out the 4 huge bags of mulch that are currently sitting in my carport.

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