Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Well, I finally got to sleep around 3:00 this morning. By that time I had worked myself into quite a tizzy and made 2 more semi-hysterical phone calls to USAA. I woke up in a state of full alert at 7:30, and Amy and I were at SATO by 9:00.

The whole thing turned out to be rather a non-issue. Apparently Dertour was not upset about it and they weren't planning on selling our tickets to somebody else. I guess this isn't the first time they've dealt with this.

I'm still irked at USAA though. In one of my midnight phone calls to them, I found out that while their fraud department has full authority to freeze your account in these situations, nobody in the department has authority to make an international call to tell you about it. No, they prefer to let you find out the hard way when you're stuck at the shoppette with a declined card, protesting to the cashier and the other customers in line, "There's money there, I swear! There's no way I can be over my limit!!"

USAA is not some small-town credit union. Their client base has a tendency to move all around the planet, so it's not beyond the scope of imagination that this sort of thing might crop up now and then. Maybe somebody in their fraud department should be issued an international calling card?


I've gotten a couple of emails from readers who are shocked to see the Bush/Cheney campaign poster on my oh-so-clean desk. Never fear! I have not gone over to the Dark Side. What you can't see in that photo is the top line, which reads "SORRY ABOUT THAT WMD THING." It's a spoof poster, created with the Sloganator, which I wrote about back in May.

Here's a link to the PDF file, so you can see it more clearly. Heck, while you're there, why not print out a few copies? Paper your neighborhood.

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