Saturday, July 24, 2004

Well, for those of you who might have had a little cash riding on the outcome of the scout campout, here's the latest. Mike finally called at around 6:30 to say that he was having fun but that his pants were wet and muddy from the rain. I offered to bring him dry ones, and he wasn't sure if he wanted dry pants or just to come home. So I told him to chill out and enjoy his supper and I would come up with dry pants--he could decide then what he wanted to do. I arrived shortly after he had an unpleasant encounter with a couple of bees, which pretty much helped him decide that he wanted to go home.

We had to return to the camp for Mike to retrieve his forgotten flashlight. One of the leaders came over to me and said that Mike had done really well on the trip, especially considering the torrential rain last night, and suggested that next time I not give him the option of coming home a day early. I know he means well, but I really don't think he gets it: If Mike hadn't been able to go for just the one night, he probably wouldn't have gone at all. I guess I am just not suitably hoo-ah on scouting to demand that my child go camping against his will.

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