Friday, July 02, 2004

Grrrr. I am so irritated right now! I looked out my back window a little while ago and saw a couple of guys with weedwhackers, one taking on the grass around a tree in my yard and the other attacking the weeds at my next-door neighbor's fenceline. Concerned that they might harm the morning glory and sunflower seedlings I have growing along my stretch of the fence, I hurried outside.

I explained to both gentlemen, first in English and then in German, that those were not weeds and therefore should not be cut down. "Alles klar," they assured me.

Well, apparently alles was decidedly NOT klar! In fact, one might even say it was ganz unklar, for the next time I looked out my window, I saw the fence guy going to town right in the middle of my poor defenseless plants.

I ran out of the house, shrieking like a deranged Hausfrau: "Nein, nein, NEIN!!!!" I motioned wildly to the carnage and insisted "Selbstgepflanzt, selbstgepflanzt!" which I hope means either "I planted those myself" or "Go commit unnatural acts upon yourself." Either one will work.

"Alles klar," he assured me as he wandered on to the next yard. Sure.

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