Wednesday, May 12, 2004

We had a rude shock at Walmart yesterday. We went there to pick up several trays of Kindereggs, both for our own personal stash and for friends back home who had requested them. The eggs are usually just sitting there in stacked flats at the cash registers, but yesterday there were none.

I went up to the customer service desk and asked about them (remembering, of course, that the Germans don't call them "Kindereggs"). I was stunned when I got the answer: No more!

Could it be? Had the Greek and British Gegeneier won? Had they really taken our beloved Kindereggs away from us forever?

No. They have taken our beloved Kindereggs away from us for the summer. They will be back sometime around the first of September, but in the meantime, no eggs! I guess in a land where air conditioning is the exception rather than the rule, it's not practical to expect chocolate to maintain an egg shape through the hottest months of the year. Scrambled Kindereggs just don't sound as appealing.

When I look back on recent weeks, I realize that Walmart's egg supply has been dwindling. I just wish that we had caught on to reality before eating our last egg. That way we could have tapered off instead of going cold turkey. I wonder if there's a patch for this . . .

Maybe we'll take up smoking?

And in other news, we are now officially into the one week countdown until Fred leaves for Iraq on May 19th. Everybody keeps asking me how the kids and I are doing, and I don't know what to say. Quite honestly it all seems unreal. I think I've been operating under the assumption that this is all just going to go away, and I'm starting to think now that maybe it won't.

The milk I bought a couple days ago expires on May 18th. That means that Fred will be gone when the next milk I buy expires. I don't know why that bugs me, but it does. I would really rather not have my first encounter with reality at the commissary. I can just see myself crying like an idiot in front of the milk case. "Herb, we need a wet cleanup on the dairy aisle!"

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