Friday, May 14, 2004

Multiple items of interest today!

Care to guess what I found at Walmart this morning? Kindereggs! They must have had one final shipment, I suppose. I grabbed 96 of them--32 each for my kids and their friend Rebecca. I got some interesting looks from my fellow shoppers as I carried the 4 stacked trays to my car.


This afternoon we hosted Fred's office's hail and farewell here at the house. I never did an official nose count, but we had something like 40 people (including kids) on the RSVP list, and we seemed to have a good turnout. The clouds looked a bit threatening at times, and it was cooler than I would have liked, but overall everything went well.


Finally, I knew that Fred planned on cutting his hair short for Iraq, but he surprised me this week by getting it done here. Here's the new 'do:

To really appreciate the full effect though, you have to see the profile:

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