Sunday, May 09, 2004

Last night we attended the JAG spring dinner-dance, otherwise known as "JAG Prom." It was hard to feel very prom-like with the disgusting weather we've been having lately: rainy, windy, and c-c-c-cold! Nevertheless, I went out Saturday morning with my friends Sharna and Amy to go have our hair professionally glammed at the Peter K Salon in Lampertheim:

I spent most of the afternoon between the hair appointment and the prom lying facedown on the couch. It was the only way I could rest without worrying about smooshing my hair.

The prom itself was nice enough as far as those things go. Major General Marchand and his wife Jan were there from DC. Poor General Marchand--somehow the airline managed to send all of his luggage including his dress blues to Sudan (I am not making that up)! When I saw him in a coat and tie in the receiving line, I thought maybe he had retired and nobody had bothered to tell me. He was a very good sport about it though.

One of the best parts about moving as often as we do is that I can re-wear the same formal dresses and always have a new audience. This year I wore the fuschia crepe gown that I made several years ago. Fred wore his mess dress uniform (as always) and cracked jokes about further depreciating his wedding attire (as always). I shouldn't mock him though--at least he can still fit into his wedding clothes!

Any time Fred and I attend an event that has a hired photographer, we like to get our picture made. Here's the glamour shot from this prom:

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