Monday, May 10, 2004

The kids and I are spending the day in a partial media blackout. The season finale of Survivor airs here tonight from 7 till 10, and we're just petrified that we'll inadvertently find out the winner before then.

Fred came to me this morning and confessed that he had been "contaminated." I, of course, immediately thought of his recently re-done smallpox vaccine (which by the way also appears to have failed "to take") and wondered when we'd all start breaking out. Turned out though that he merely meant he had flipped on CNN this morning out of habit and accidentally found out the ending that way.

It wasn't in our paper, and I have my AOL welcome screen minimized. The kids are allowed to play with their Neopets online and to watch Cartoon Network, but all other websites and television channels are off limits. Meanwhile, I'm afraid to read my favorite blogs, lest someone should start off with "I couldn't believe it on Survivor last night when . . . "

Here's hoping Rupert wins! Or Jenna. Or even Amber. Or ANYBODY but "Boston Rob."

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