Monday, May 31, 2004

I'm finally ready to start posting photos from my excellent adventure with Gretchyn. It was kind of like Thelma and Louise, only without Brad Pitt. We could have driven off a cliff any number of times though, so at least that part rings semi-true.

As I said last week, when we started out of here Monday morning we were going to France. Somehow though, I managed to miss the road I needed. Next thing I knew, I was cruising down the highway thinking, "Wow, I don't remember the A5 being this scenic." That's because the A5 runs parallel to the pretty hills; I was tearing through them on the A6 instead.

After a quick consultation with my co-pilot, I decided to stay the course, so we headed for Liechtenstein instead. About an hour north of the Germany/Austria border, Gretchyn was getting very excited about the Alps way off in the distance. I kept telling her, "It's going to get even better." I don't know if she really believed me though until we found ourselves driving through the very same mountains we had been admiring from afar.

Our tour through Austria was brief as we merely dropped in long enough to skirt the far eastern shore of Lake Constance. Before we knew it we had crossed from Austria into Switzerland and from there into Liechtenstein.

We didn't stay long in Liechtenstein. We managed to find downtown Vaduz and pulled over long enough for a potty break and to let Annabelle buy a red Swiss army knife with white flowers on it. I also took this picture of the castle, which looms over the town from a nearby hillside:

I was eager to find a place to stop for the night, as I figured that we would be better off facing the most breathtaking scenery and the most challenging driving after a good night's sleep. So we hopped back in the van and put Liechtenstein in the rear-view mirror.

When we pulled into Glarus, Switzerland, I knew we had found our home for the evening. The hotel at the train station did not have any 4-bed rooms, but the man at the front desk directed us to the Hotel Rößli, which did. For 200 swiss francs (about $160), we wound up in a huge loft room with 4 beds, a sitting area, and a private bath:

The decor was neo-Brady Bunch, right down to the little crocheted hat that covered the extra roll of toilet paper:

The view, however, was right off a postcard. We could even hear the cowbells from the pasture across the street. Here are Mike and Annabelle checking out their new 'hood:

We walked back over to the hotel at the train station to have our supper. On the way, I took pictures of Gretchyn, Mike, and Annabelle resting by a fountain in the middle of town:

and the kids sitting in a park:

Supper was delicious. Gretchyn and I both had the cordon bleu, while Annabelle had ravioli and Mike had schnitzel. Not only was the food tasty, but it was pretty as well. Here's a shot of Gretchyn's salad:

and one of my asparagus:

When we got back to the room, the kids watched Cats and Dogs in French, and then we curled up under our down comforters and went to sleep.

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