Saturday, April 24, 2004

We've had a busy day today! We drove over to Schwetzingen this afternoon so that I could have an IRL (In Real Life) meet with Jutta, one of my long-time internet friends. We couldn't have asked for better weather, although the breeze made it chilly at times. Still, it was wonderful to get to sit surrounded by the beauty of the gardens and actually chat for the first time with somebody I've "known" for over 4 years and to get to meet her kids and husband as well. I took this photo of us together in front of the Schloß:

Fred and the kids explored the gardens while Jutta and I visited. The grounds are huge and truly exquisite:

It's Spargel Zeit (asparagus time) here in Germany, and Schwetzingen is famous for its Spargel. Here's a statue that is right across the street from the Schloß:

We had to hurry home from Schwetzingen to get ready for the Brownie sock hop. Annabelle and I posed for my neighbor Gail on our way to the dance:

Didn't the skirt come out cute? You can't really tell from the photo, but the cat has a jingle-bell on its collar. So Annabelle jingled when she walked.

The dance itself was pretty much a sensory nightmare for Annabelle (and for the rest of us as well). It had some pleasant moments, but within an hour the yelling and the music and the constant chaos, combined with getting whacked in the chest by a hula hoop, had reduced her to tears. We headed for home by way of Burger King.

One of the best moments at the dance was when Annabelle showed off her hula-hooping prowess. She makes it look so easy and keeps it going for ages:

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