Sunday, April 18, 2004

Weekend report:

Mike left Friday afternoon for a 2-night campout with the Boy Scouts. He was quite anxious about it, as this would be the first time he had been camping without Fred (at Klondike they slept in the chalet), and they weren't even taking tents!

Annabelle's Brownie troop had a sleepover Friday nigh. She planned on staying only for the pre-sleeping part of the evening, but she took her PJs and sleeping bag just in case. Good thing, too--she wound up calling us about 9:30 to tell us not to bother coming for her until the morning. Fred and I celebrated our temporary child-free state by going out to dinner and then watching Survivor.

The next morning Annabelle's reports on the sleepover were less than positive. Apparently she was offended that they would put in yet another DVD at MIDNIGHT. Breakfast at Cinnabon's perked her up though.

That afternoon Fred left for his Individual Readiness Training. He'll be back on Tuesday and then will leave again on Wednesday for the rest of the TDS seminar.

Last night I went out to dinner with people from Fred's office. We went to Die Kartoffel (literally: The Potato) in Ladenburg, where you cook your own steak on a sizzling hot stone right there at the table. And you have to poke around under the gobs of sour cream to locate your baked potato. Mmmmm . . . heavenly!

Today has been a very low-key day. Annabelle and I picked Mike up from the Scout hut a little after noon. I was happy to hear that he wound up having a good time on the campout. He reports that they slept under the stars the first night. He made a shelter out of a poncho the second night (part of the requirements for the Wilderness Survival badge), but the wind blew it down and he wound up scrunching under a tarp with 3 of his friends.

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