Friday, April 23, 2004

I feel like my whole week has been all about poodle skirts. Because I have seen a lot of poodle skirts? No. Because I have been wearing a lot of poodle skirts? No. Because I have been sewing a lot of poodle skirts? No. Instead, it's because I have spent countless hours DREADING making one poodle skirt for tomorrow night's Brownie sock hop.

I finally tackled the skirt project today, and the whole thing couldn't have taken more than 2 hours from start to finish. I frequently invest much more time though in worrying about a project than I do in actually completing said project. (Oh, and for the record, Annabelle wound up having a black-cat skirt instead of a poodle skirt. I'll try to post a photo tomorrow night after the dance.)

The hardest part about my work today was clearing a path through the Playmobil "village" to unearth my sewing machine. I have got to reclaim my sewing room. When Fred leaves, he can put household goods into storage, so we are going to take that opportunity to store a ton of junk out of our basement. Then I'm going to take one of our 2 rooms down there and convert it into a rec room for the kids. The Playstation is going down there, and so is all the Playmobil. Maybe I'll even get a couple beanbag chairs.

And in other news . . .

I got a phone call from my friend Gail this afternoon, giving me the heads up that Self-Help (the agency in charge of providing us with everything we need for our government quarters, right down to lightbulbs) was giving away flats of flowers. My friend Amy and I drove over and managed to stuff 18 trays into my van.

And in still other news . . .

Fred got home from his TDS conference and shouldn't have to go away again until he deploys. It occured to me this morning in the commissary that I am going to be very upset the first time I buy milk with an expiration date that is after his scheduled departure date. You know: "Wow, by the time this milk goes bad, Fred will be in Iraq."

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