Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Wanna see something pretty? Here's a panorama of the scene from my bedroom balcony this morning:

Wanna see something that is NOT pretty? Check out the scene in my downstairs bathroom:

This bathroom is really nothing more than a place to keep Eddie's litterbox, but it's right off our front hallway, and I would like it if it looked a little nicer. Obviously, things like "knock out a couple walls and add a garden tub" are not viable options, but I think the room should at least have a little color to it.

So I've been thinking about adding a gathered fabric skirt around the sink and maybe a valance above the window as well. Since it's really the cat's bathroom, I want to do it in a cat motif. I even have a couple of cat prints I purchased in Paris that I'm planning on hanging up in there. The cat in this one reminds me of Eddie:

I also really like this rug but am willing to pass it up if it clashes with my chosen fabric. Speaking of which, here are the fabrics currently under consideration. We have (in alphabetical order):

Aloha Kitty This is the one I originally was thinking about. I already own 2 yards of it on a blue background that I plan on one day making into a dress for Annabelle.
Black Maneki Neko This is rather cool, as I happen to have a small collection of these Japanese lucky cats.
Cream Maneki Neko Same thing, only on cream.
Le Meowsee du Chat Very cool from a European, museum-going, artsy-fartsy perspective.
Meowsterpiece Artsy-fartsy again, plus I really like the cat heads on the Mona Lisa and the Scream.
Sushi Cats And last but not least, this one because of how much we love sushi.

But how to decide? That is where you, my loyal readers, come into play. Click here to vote for the fabric you like the best!

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