Thursday, February 12, 2004

Well, we made it! The C-5 on Tuesday night proved to be just the ticket for getting us home. We arrived home shortly after noon on Wednesday. Fred treated us to a welcome-home dinner last night at our favorite schnitzel restaurant.

I had been worried that I would have to hogtie Annabelle to get her on a plane out of Texas again. She was sad to leave but glad to be home. She said to Fred over dinner: "You may find this hard to believe, but ich liebe Deutschland!"

We'll be saying farewell to Deutschland again tomorrow though as we head off to spend the Presidents' Day 4-day weekend in Holland. We're going there with the Mitchells and will be staying in the same place where Fred and I spent our first New Years Eve together. It's in a little town called Leiden, which I recall being approximately a half hour outside of Amsterdam. We'll definitely make at least one trip into the big bad city to show the kids the Anne Frank house.

Check back on Tuesday, and I should have some windmill and wooden-shoe pictures posted!

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