Wednesday, February 25, 2004

My friend Amy and I took the streetcar down to the train station this morning to book tickets for our upcoming trips. She is planning another holiday in Holland during tulip season, and I got the tickets to Venice (and Legoland and Lucerne) for when Frank and Teresa visit. Now all I have to do is book our hotel for our one night in Switzerland, and the rest of that trip will be on autopilot. Still on my list of arrangements to make though is the hotel for our upcoming weekend trip to Berlin with Fred's parents next month.

The other exciting thing that happened today is that I finally was able to finish downloading the series finale of Sex and the City. I had hoped to get it on Monday so that I could watch before I knew the ending, but alas that was not to be. Not only was it a headline on the news on Yahoo Monday morning, but the next day the "Stars and Stripes" ran a half-page article detailing the plot. Meanwhile my computer and/or internet connection decided to be extra slooooooow, so it took until today to get the complete file. Oh, well, at least I know I'll be happy with the ending.

It was very thrilling last fall when I realized that I could get just about any TV show that I missed from the States. But now it's really becoming somewhat of a drain. The kids try to get online to check their neopets, and I run across the room screaming like a shrew: "My download! My download!" How sad is it that I'm almost happy that 2 of my regular shows (SATC and Friends) are ending this season just because I won't have to worry about downloading them anymore? I've already got my mom on board to tape Six Feet Under for me when it comes back on in the summer. If anybody out there is a regular viewer of ER who would like to assume the responsibility for taping those for me, I'll be happy to pay in either money or chocolate.

The other big news of the day is the weather. It snowed hard all day long, but as the temperature sat just above the freezing mark, none of it stuck to the ground around here. The kids are hoping, however, that the Odenwald got a good solid layer. I've already told them that if there's enough snow up there to do anything with tomorrow morning, we'll blow off school and head for the mountains. Heck, we might even stop by Outdoor Rec and see about renting a snowboard.

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