Monday, January 12, 2004

Technology hates me these days. Last week, I lost count of the number of times our DSL connection went out, as well as the number of times I had to call the TKS help number as a result.

Finally on Friday, they sent out a technician who insisted that the problem is in my router rather than something in their system. So now I have a 15-foot cable snaking across my dining room, as I have temporarily taken my beloved wireless router out of the equation. Honestly, I almost hope that it IS a problem with the router--I am convinced that it would be easier to get the router fixed or replaced than to get TKS to help me out.

I just went out for lunch though and came home to find the DSL connection out once more. When, I asked the kids, did it go out? Mike's answer: "Right after TKS called and I told them it was working." Lovely.

As though this weren't bad enough, our almost-brand-new multi-system TV that we bought back in September so we could watch German TV is also having problems. The buttons that change the channel up and down no longer work. Now, if it had sprouted this problem before December 19th, we could just take it back to the PX and exchange it for a new one. But nooooooo . . . we are outside the 90-day return window, so we have to send it in to be serviced. It's under warranty, which is nice, but the chick at customer service says we can expect to be without it for at least 6 to 8 weeks.

I honestly don't know whom I despise more: AAFES or TKS.

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