Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Please, somebody tell me it hasn't really been a week since I last updated the blog. Please? I'm sitting here scratching my head, wondering what we've done in the past week.

On Saturday we took a day trip out to Trier, oldest city in Germany and at one point second most important city in the Roman empire. Here are the kids standing in front of the Porta Nigra, which was built around the end of the second century:

And here they are, joined by Fred, in front of the palace:

And here is Fred, showing off his rock-hard abs:

We ate lunch at Zum Domstein, where they had the best Glühwein I've had thus far (and I have consumed more than a few cups of this amazing liquid). I think they must have made it themselves rather than following my recipe: open bottle; pour; nuke.

The best part about Zum Domstein though was our waitress. Frequently, I will start a conversation in German with a local, and he or she will immediately switch into English. Not this lady though--she stayed with me the whole way! And I know she spoke English, 'cause I overheard her using it with the Asian family who came in after us. Anyway, she totally made my day!

As I was paying our admission into the treasury at the cathedral, I happened to fumble my change, sending euros skittering across the counter. "Whoopsa-daisy!" I said to the cashier as I chased my coins.

"Mom!" Mike admonished me. "You don't say whoopsa-daisy in Germany. You say Scheiße!"

After our day of tromping around Trier, we decided to go to Luxembourg for cake and coffee. After all, according to our guidebook, Luxembourg was only 6 miles further down the road! Well, yes, LuxembOURG the country is indeed 6 miles beyond Trier. LuxembURG the city, however, is a good 30 miles beyond that. We were on a mission though, so we drove all the way to the city. Fred and I marvelled to each other that this was something you would never, ever do in the States. Can you imagine purposely heading into downtown Atlanta for a snack?

As it turned out, most of the cafes were closing down for the night, so we had to make do with coffee, hot chocolate, Sprite, and hard rolls. But at least we added another country to our list!

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