Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Oh, gak--I feel positively ill. I've been watching for a week, waiting to get us on a C5 on its way home to TX. I call Ramstein (no point calling Rhein-Main--their C5 got cancelled last week) every day 5 or 6 times and ask for the latest. First it was going to be Saturday, and then it was going to be Sunday. Then it looked like Monday, and yesterday they said today. And now it looks like my precious plane actually left yesterday carrying no passengers.

Of course, we are now into the next week, and there is another C5 at Ramstein that should be going home at the end of the week, and maybe one went to Rhein-Main this week as well. But my experience of the last week has not exactly inspired my confidence in the C5. So now the question becomes what to do?

There is a Patriot Express flight to Atlanta on Thursday. It's nonstop, if you don't count stopping in the Azores and Baltimore along the way (and who knows how the crappy weather back in the States might affect the Baltimore leg of the journey). But then we get to Atlanta and I'm still looking at a 16 hour drive to Texas. I wish, wish, WISH I had just taken the Patriot Express to Atlanta last week!

But--I keep telling myself--the whole point of this trip is to figure out the system. It's hard to keep that in mind though when, every time I get off the phone, I'm faced with the kids eagerly asking "What time did they say? Is it going?" They worked their tails off last week on photo projects of the places we've been to share with their friends back in Texas. This is so depressing!

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