Monday, December 22, 2003

Yesterday we headed to Michelstadt to check out their Christmas market. The kids and I agreed it was our favorite of the 3 we sampled this year; unfortunately, it was the only one Fred made it to this year.

We added 4 more mugs to our collection: Fred and I enjoyed the Glühwein, while Mike and Annabelle liked the hot apple cider and the hot chocolate:

Food is always a big deal at these markets. I call this shot "Two Pretzels and a Pizza":

Here's Mike enjoying a quiet moment with a couple of friends:

We've noticed an interesting Christmas decorating phenomenon here in Germany. Given that so many people live in homes without yards, it's very popular to display Santa Claus climbing on the side of a building, dangling from a balcony, or scaling a roof. These things are all over the place, like so many yuletide ninjas:

Today Fred and I made one last stop at Walmart for stocking stuffers (think chocolate) and Glühwein (15 bottles! One made from blueberries, which I'm dying to try). Think of the longest line you have ever seen at Walmart. I promise you that the lines here were longer. I've never seen anything like it before.

I hit the garden center at Walmart and added a few new plants and some new red pots to my kitchen windowsill:

From left to right, I have: a really big clay pot with 2 tiny succulent babies that I'm trying to turn into plants; a red amaryllis; 3 daffodil bulbs; a hyacinth bulb (dig the Polish pottery ice cream dish!); several crocuses; ivy that I'm rooting in one of Fred's beer bottles; and a red primrose. How have I missed primroses? Do we not have them in the States? They had a ton of them at Walmart, all in different colors and all for one euro each. If I manage not to kill this one, I'm going to go back and buy a whole rainbow of them for my dining room window.

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