Monday, December 08, 2003

We had a busy weekend as cogs in the great big machinery of Christmas. On Friday night, the kids set out their shoes for St. Nicholas, and they weren't disappointed. No stick-waving Krampus visited us; only good ol' chocolate-bearing St. Nick.

Saturday morning, Fred and Mike spent 2 hours in the commissary parking lot selling Christmas trees for the Boy Scouts. That afternoon Fred and I went shopping for 220-volt Christmas lights for the front of the house but came home empty-handed. Saturday evening, we went to the lighting of the post Christmas tree with Annabelle's Brownie troop and then hurried home to light the candles for our neighborhood display. I could lie and tell you that this is my house, but I'm afraid I'm just too honest. It is, however, exactly what our house would look like if we HAD bought lights and HAD spent several hours stringing them up:

On Sunday we went up to Coleman Barracks (again with Annabelle's Brownie troop) to watch their production of The Best Chrismas Pageant Ever. Watching that play is one of my favorite holiday traditions (I've seen it in DC, NC, and HI), and they didn't let me down!

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