Friday, December 12, 2003

Tomorrow we're hosting Fred's office holiday party here at the house. I'm a little nervous about trying to cram 30 adults and their children into my tiny little house. If the weather we're having today (40s and sunny) will just hold on for another day, we'll be able to overflow onto the back porch. But, of course, the forecast is calling for rain.

I've spent the past 3 days on a mission for 5 trays of brown-and-serve dinner rolls. I went to the commissary on Wednesday and found exactly 1 tray. They assured me that they were getting a truck the next day, so I checked again yesterday: 2 more trays. Once again, I was assured that there would be ANOTHER truck coming in this morning and there would surely be more on that truck.

So a little while ago I went to the commissary yet again. Still no brown- and-serve dinner rolls on the shelf. I peeked into the storage room and found the same stockman who helped me yesterday. "Bread!" he shouted, pointing at me in recognition, and then he invited me back.

Together we looked through a huge stack of plastic crates full of all sorts of bread: hamburger buns, Wonder bread, hot dog buns, Wonder bread, croissants, Wonder bread (who eats this garbage anyway?). Finally, there in the very last stack of crates we found them: 2 more trays of the desired rolls! I haven't been this excited since I scored a Tickle-Me Elmo in 1996!

You might be wondering if the rolls are really worth all this trouble. Yeah, they really are. I got the following recipe about 6 years ago from a fellow JAG wife:

Combine a pound of butter (anything that starts with "combine a pound of butter" has to be good, right?) with 3 tablespoons of poppy seeds, a tablespoon of Worcestshire sauce, 3 tablespoons mustard, and 1 finely chopped medium-size onion. In another bowl, combine a pound of finely chopped ham with a pound of shredded Swiss cheese. Take 5 trays (original recipe called for 4, but I like to stretch it) of brown-and-serve dinner or party rolls and cut each tray of rolls in half--think of each tray as one giant sandwich roll. Spread each half with the butter mixture and then sprinkle with the ham and cheese. Put the halves together to make 5 large sandwiches. Bake the assembled sandwiches at 400 degrees for 15 minutes. The little sandwiches pull apart like monkey bread!

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