Sunday, December 14, 2003

I'm pleased to report that Fred's office party went off without a hitch. The weather even cooperated to the point where Fred and I were able to wear our Hawaiian Christmas clothes and the kids were able to go outside for turns on the trampoline. Although the party officially ended at 5:00, the last guests didn't leave until 10:00, which indicates to me that I wasn't the only one having fun. And best of all, when the last guests did leave at 10:00, all the cleanup work was finished!

Saturday morning the Mannheim community Christmas parade marched from the commissary, through our neighborhood, and down to the sports arena. Annabelle and her fellow Brownies were reindeer:

They were awarded the prize for "most original" entry in the parade.

We've had our Christmas tree for the past week, but it has been sitting outside on the back porch. I figured we could stuff at least 4, maybe 5, party guests in the space that the tree would consume, so the decking of the tree had to wait until the party was over. That was tonight's project.

We have a most unforgiving tree this year. It has needles like . . . well, like needles. We could have fashioned a tree-like sculpture out of straight pins, run an electrical current through it, and decorated that with less violence to our fingertips than we suffered with this particular specimen. I am hoping though that this will turn out to be a good thing by discouraging our cat from molesting it.

Fred leaves tomorrow for a few days of work in England. The kids and I are, of course, insanely jealous even though Fred grumpily insists that this will not be fun and is not "cool." (We still think it's pretty cool though!)

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