Friday, December 26, 2003

Any PlayStation2 experts out there among my readership? We are having a most perplexing problem here.

Mike got the new Tony Hawk game for Christmas and has been having a blast with it. Tonight he took it next door along with the memory card containing his saved game so he could show it to the neighbors. When he got back here though, he couldn't get our PlayStation to read the disc. All we get when we put it in is a "no data" message when the machine tries to read the disc.

He tested another game, which seems to load fine. There are no dings or scratches on the Tony Hawk disc--it just won't load.

We're planning on exchanging the disc at the PX in the morning, but in the meantime it's rather frustrating. Why would a game just suddenly stop working? If anybody out there has any specialized insight into the mysteries of the PlayStation universe, we'd love to hear it!

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