Saturday, November 22, 2003

We're off on another adventure tomorrow! Fred has a work boondoggle in Garmisch, and we are going to take a few days off from school and go with him. We're staying at the Armed Forces Recreation Center, which is where Fred and I spent our first Christmas together back in 1989.

We'll be in Garmisch until Wednesday, and then we're taking off to Austria for a ski vacation. We'll be spending the Thanksgiving weekend at the Hotel Badhaus. I've promised the kids that I will try snowboarding, so wish me luck.

As always, getting ready to go out of town is a real thrill. There's so much to do--laundry to wash, Krispie treats to make, etc. We had to make arrangements to have somebody come in once a day and take care of Eddie, our cat. And, of course, the kids have to make plans for the care and feeding of their Neopets. Yes, that's right--there's not enough to do around this joint just making sure that the living, breathing organisms are properly fed and housed; we have to take care of invisible, digital creatures as well.

Annabelle was upset because she had only enough Neopoints (the currency of Neopia) to put her 'pets up in the Cockroach Towers. Mike was kind enough to play some action games on her account and rack up sufficient points to put them in a nice, clean facility AND provide them with daily food. Then Annabelle took almost all of her Neopoints and bought a scratch-off lottery card. I didn't think it wise to risk gambling yourself down to nothing, but what do I know? She hit the jackpot, and now her 'pets will be in a hotel at least as nice as ours.

If you find the idea of Neopets intriguing and you don't have enough ratholes to pour your time into, check out the webpage that Annabelle and I made together last week. Sign up for a Neopet through the link on that page, and Annabelle will earn Neopoints. (Ew, I feel like such a Neopimp or perhaps a Neopusher.)

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