Wednesday, November 05, 2003

We're having a beautiful day here. It started out cold, but it has warmed up a lot, and there isn't a cloud to be seen. The leaves that are left on the trees are all varying degrees of gold, and it's just a lovely fall day.

I left the kids here this morning doing some schoolwork and went out with my friends Amy and Sharna. We walked along the paths that cut through the fields behind my house and went to a little cafe for cake and coffee (OK, so some of us had hot chocolate instead). Now the kids and I are on our way over to the skatepark so that Mike can get in some time on the ramps. He likes to go during the school day, as after school hours the skatepark is full of big, scary teenagers.

After the skatepark, we plan on walking over to the elementary school. They're having their Scholastic bookfair, so we're going to go do a little shopping. Then we're going to stop by Walmart to pick up some photos. Hopefully I'll have some new photos posted soon.

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