Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Once again, we had a very pleasant day. This morning Amy and I took the kids to the PX at the artillery kaserne, where I got us set for our upcoming snowboard adventure: hats, goggles, etc.

After lunch in the hotel room, we headed off for the iceskating rink. Here are Mike, Annabelle, and Rebecca posing with Annabelle's best iceskating friend:

Later in the afternoon, I took the kids downtown so Mike could get the hat he has been lusting after ever since we saw it in a store window yesterday morning:

Here are a couple of miscellaneous pictures. First of all, Annabelle wants me to add her new friend Genevieve to the blog:

And here is a shot off our hotel balcony this morning. We don't even have the "good" view, but it's still pretty nice:

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