Monday, November 24, 2003

Guess what?! There are no phone charges for calling AOL from our hotel room--I remain free to blog! For the next 2 days, anyway. Who knows what the story will be in Austria.

Have you ever heard of beaujolais nouveau? Apparently, it's quite the thing over here. This year's crop is supposed to be an especially big deal. Apparently, with the horrendous weather over the last year (icy blizzards followed by blazing drought), only the very best grapes survived. Therefore, this year's vintage is supposed to be one of the best ever. Sort of wine evolution, I suppose. Survival of the fittest, baby.

This afternoon my friend Amy and I took our kids exploring around Garmisch, and we found a grocery store advertising this famous beaujoloais nouveau for only 4 euros plus change. So of course we had to buy a bottle, didn't we?

After supper (prime rib buffet in the Patton Hotel--yum!), we left the guys downstairs hanging out with their JAG buddies and left the kids watching movies in my room. Then Amy and I took this prized bottle of wine to her room. I'm no huge fan of dry wines, though I will say that the bottom half of the bottle seemed much more palatable than the top half.

So now I'm back in my room, and we're all ready for bed, but I can't stop giggling about the following sign, which is posted on our bathroom wall:

Are you concerned about the environment? In step with the Armed Forces Environmental Awareness Policies and concern about the world we will leave future generations, AFRC hotels would like to ask our guests if they wish to reuse their bath towels. Please decide: Towels left on floor means "New towels, please." Towels hung on rack means "I will use my towels once more."

What is this--the secret language of towels?! Why must towels be a special medium for communication? I picture myself artfully arranging towels around the room to convey some sort of message full of symbolism to the housekeeping staff: "It's a bit chilly in the evening. Might we have a couple more blankets?" I imagine forensic detectives deciphering the meaning of the towels at a crime scene: "Look here. The sick bastard left a towel draped across this chair!" I propose as an alternative:

Hey, let's save water! Hang up your towels to get more than one use out of them. Or, if you must, just toss them on the floor, and we will somewhat grudgingly replace them.

'Cause that's what they really mean, you know.

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