Tuesday, October 07, 2003

We just got back from the USO tour of Worms. Today was the miserable, cold, wet day that the weather forecast has been promising us since Saturday. So it wasn't the most comfortable tour, but it was still very interesting.

We went on the streetcar to the Mannheim train station, where we got on a regional train for the 30 minute ride to Worms. It was the kids' first trip on a train, and we got to sit in the upstairs part of a double-decker train, which was fun for them.

Mike and Annabelle each had a disposable camera, and even with the rain, we still took a bunch of pictures. The plan is for them to put together individual projects (e.g., a web page, a poster) on Worms to send back to their classes at Judson. Kind of a "reporter in the field" kind of thing.

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