Thursday, October 02, 2003

Our kitchen has an alcove in the front of the house where one might put the world's tiniest table and chairs. We have chosen instead to stuff my computer desk and a bookcase into that space. I spend most of my computer time on the laptop, which I usually set up on the dining room tabe, but sometimes--like now, when the kids are busy playing Neopets on the laptop--I wind up in here instead.

It's a cozy spot and will be even cozier after the radiator under the window gets fixed. In the meantime though it's still a pleasant place to sit. I especially enjoy being so close (two feet, maybe) to one of my windowboxes full of pansies.

Yesterday I was sitting here working on the computer, when our cat ran across my desk and jumped into the window. When I first saw what had attracted Eddie's enthusiastic attention, I thought it was the world's biggest bee. But then I looked closer and realized that it was a hummingbird! He came back to visit the pansies later in the evening as well. I hope he'll stick around.

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