Wednesday, October 29, 2003

One of my loyal readers (hi, Gretchyn!!) sent me an interesting tidbit today. We can file this one under Weird German News. Apparently, police in Berlin recently nabbed a vicious crow by . . . get this . . . getting it drunk:

The bird eluded its captors after attacking a woman and a young girl at the weekend until cat food soaked in high-alcohol fruit schnapps proved too tempting to resist.

''The crow was completely smashed,'' said a spokesman for police in the western city of Dortmund.

Police said the crow was sleeping off its hangover in a local animal home.

Now I want to go to Berlin to party with the birds!

Speaking of parties, we're getting ready for the Halloween festivities here. Mike is going as Death again, so that's easy. Annabelle's Hello Kitty costume is ready to go--now I just need to figure out how I'm going to color her nose yellow. Do you think it's OK to paint a child's nose with yellow fingernail polish? It doesn't specifically say NOT to on the bottle . . . "Do not operate heavy machinery while applying polish. This is not a food product. Do not use while sleeping. Exposure to flame may cause an even bigger flame. Not legal US tender."

My friend Irena is coming for Halloween with her girls. We're very excited about showing them Halloween American-style!

I just hope we have semi-decent weather Friday night. It's rainy and yucky right now. I've laid in over 400 pieces of chocolate, and I'd hate to have to eat them myself. (Yeah, right. Actually, I'll be lucky to make it Friday night with 300 pieces left.)

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