Sunday, October 05, 2003

One of the benefits of the new Blogger Plus status of my account is that I can put photos directly into the blog. Let's see if that's true . . .

Remember how plain and drab the front of our house was?

Well, for the past few weekends, I've been scouring Bauhaus for flowers to brighten it up. Now it looks like this:

Better, don't you think? Of course, the two shrubs on either side of the front walkway remain an abomination, even in their new trimmed state. But the windows and flower beds are certainly perkier looking.

If you'd like to see my flowers closer up, you can go here to see the pansies, here to see the heather, and here to see the chrysanthemums. (Apparently, I can either load the images directly into the main blog page, or I can just add links. That's nice--I don't want the main page to be too grahics-heavy.)

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