Sunday, October 12, 2003

Let's travel back in time now to Labor Day weekend. As you may recall, we were on the horns of a dilemma: while not wanting to waste our very first 4-day weekend in Germany, we were also eager to spend some time at home. We compromised by spending Friday and Monday at home and making a short overnight trip to the Black Forest on Saturday and Sunday.

Our first stop on our weekend tour was Freiburg, the Black Forest town where I spent my last semester in college. After we checked into our hotel and had an amazing lunch of cordon bleu and potato croquettes, we drove back into town and spent the afternoon wandering around the old part of the city.

Smack dab in the center of the Old Town sits the cathedral. We enjoyed looking at the various gargoyles. I was especially interested in finding the one that shoots water out his rear end, as I had told the kids all about him. Unfortunately, we couldn't find him--I believe he must be hiding behind some of the scaffolding that is set up around much of the church right now. Fortunately, I was able to find a postcard featuring him, so I could at least prove his existence.

The next day we set out early for our drive home through the Black Forest. Our first stop was Feldberg, the highest point in the area. We took a cable car up to the top.

Once at the top, we didn't stay for long. It was REALLY cold up there, and we weren't dressed for it at all. We did see the monument (don't ask me to what--I don't remember) and a pretty mountain lake. We enjoyed the view for a few minutes and then headed back down the mountain to our nice toasty car. (Have I mentioned yet how much I like the automatic seat warmers in Fred's Blazer?!)

We stopped for lunch at the lake resort of Titisee. The kids stopped just long enough to pose for a picture beside the lake:

Then they ran off to try the turbo-bungee-trampoline:

From Titisee, we headed off to Triberg, home of the cuckoo clock. Here's a picture of LOTS of cuckoos:

Triberg is also home to Germany's highest waterfall:

No visit to the Black Forest would be complete without a nice big piece of Black Forest cake. While Fred and I enjoyed the Schwarzwäldertorte, the kids had ice cream and hot chocolate:

We arrived home Sunday night exhausted and thankful that we had one more day off before plunging into the next week.

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