Tuesday, October 28, 2003

The kids and I took yet another USO tour today, this time to Ladenburg. Ladenburg is the second oldest city in Germany, with the first oldest being Trier. It was especially interesting to us, as we have recently launched an intensive study of the Roman Empire. Today in Ladenburg we got to visit some Roman ruins.

When I say we recently launched into studying the ancient Romans, I mean REALLY recently--yesterday, in fact. I ordered some great looking books from my Usborne book consultant and a couple more books and even a PBS video (The Roman Empire in the First Century) from Amazon.

The kids were very excited planning our project. There are so many different facets to explore--arches, ruins, Roman numerals, mythology, even Latin. After a couple months of study, we hope to make a pilgrimage to Rome--talk about a field trip!

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