Tuesday, October 14, 2003

The kids and I just got back from yet another USO tour, this one to Weinheim, a little town between here and Heidelberg. If you click on the virtual tours button on the town's homepage, you can see 360-degree photos of some of the same things we saw today: the enormous cedar tree, the market square where we had lunch (I had the most amazing cream of zucchini soup with shrimp), and the pedestrian zone.

We were blessed with much better weather for this week's tour than last week's. It's gorgeous here today--mid-50s and not a cloud in the sky. Hard to believe that this time last week we were shivering and wet in Worms!

The kids tried out a little of their newly acquired German today. They wanted to buy little toys in Weinheim, and Mike managed to inquire as to the cost on his own. He seemed really shocked when he understood the answer: "Zwei Euro? Two Euros!!" And then at the end of the tour, Annabelle shyly told our guide danke.

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