Wednesday, October 01, 2003

It's a good thing that the heat came on yesterday. Today is dreary and in the upper 50s. Unfortunately only about half of our radiators are working, so I guess we'll need to put in a work order. I'm just glad I got to figure out that there's a problem before the REALLY cold weather sets in.

Speaking of REALLY cold weather, it is time for me to order a grub suit. For the benefit of readers of the paper version of this blog, I will have to attempt to describe this garment: Picture a polar fleece sleeping bag with a hole at one end for your neck. Now add cuffs at all four corners for your hands and feet. Lands End calls it a "Snuggle Sack," but let's face the facts--it's a grub suit.

The big question is what color grub do I want to be? I am leaning towards either the Liberty Blue or the Rhubarb. Our cat has black fur, so I think a darker color would be better for hiding all the cat hair I'm sure I'll accumulate over the long, cold winter.

I can sit here all winter, freezing and unable to decide on the color, or I can pass the buck and let you, my readers, make that decision. Yes, it's election time here in Blogland. Email me to vote for the color of your choice (again, I like the dark blue and rhubarb, but all the available colors are in the running). I am ordering the grub suit one week from today and promise to defer to the will of the people.

If at least 30 people vote in our little election, I will post a photo of me modelling the winning grub suit. And if a really ugly color wins, I'll pretend I'm California and just have a recall.

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