Thursday, October 02, 2003

It looks like we're expecting a week or so of nasty weather. Today was beautiful though, with a high in the 70s, so the kids and I rode our bikes up to the streetcar stop and went downtown for a while. I had a mission in mind: to find the children's library.

You might recall Annabelle's anguish at being unable to get a library card for the library here on post (only those 10 and up need apply). Well, today she was our lucky charm! Turns out that she could get a card for FREE, whereas Mike and I would have to either pay or get the coupon out of the Mannheimer Familienpass (which we don't yet have). So Annabelle was the only one to get a card today but was very willing to check out books for the rest of us.

The library really is incredible. Besides all their offerings in the book department, they have an extensive collection of videos and DVDs, computer software, and even board games! We didn't have much time to browse though, as we had to hurry off to Seckenheim for Mike and Annabelle's first German class!

The kids were very nervous about whether they were going to love it or hate it, so we committed ourselves only for the month of October with the understanding that we'll reevaluate in a few weeks. When they came out of class though, they declared it to be lots of fun and their teacher to be "REALLY nice." Mike said he thought that they definitely should keep doing the classes, that it would "help us get fluent." Nice to know they're motivated!

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