Thursday, October 16, 2003

Fred came home today!!

For those of you who haven't been paying close attention, Fred was back in the States for the past 10 days--in Charlottesville, VA, for a conference and then in Burnsville, NC, to visit his parents.

I must admit that the first Fred-less days were rather fun: Nachos for supper and staying up late watching TV. After the first week, we were still eating nachos and we were still staying up late, but the thrill was gone. Still, it's not good form to whine too loudly about your husband being gone for a measly 10 days when you're surrounded by women whose husbands are in Iraq for a year. So I kept my mouth (except, of course, to eat the nachos).

And in other news, Annabelle was disgruntled last week when her Brownie troop voted to study Slovakia for Thinking Day instead of Australia. As of tonight (Brownie night), however, she is all smiles because . . . get this . . . her troop is planning a trip TO Slovakia! How cool is that?!

Speaking of Annabelle, here's a picture of her lying on her top bunk, surrounded by her critters:

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