Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Have I told you lately how rotten my cat Eddie is? He is this rotten:

Eddie never lets the fact that he doesn't have opposable thumbs stand in his way. Tonight he created the mayhem you see above by opening the bathroom cabinet. He probably went in there looking for his food but was overcome by lust for the extra roll of toilet paper.

I've had to start locking the door to my bathroom, because it's a sliding door, and he has figured out how to open it. Mind you, I'm not so shy that I can't have the cat in the bathroom with me; it's more the whole being-exposed-to-the-neighbors-through-the-windows-of-the-next-room thing that gets to me.

I made the mistake of opening the bathroom window for him the other day so that he could look down at the ground two floors below. He gets a charge out of being up high, so I figured he would enjoy that. Well, he did. This morning when I was drying my hair, he sat under the window and gracked indignantly (this cat does not say meow; he says "grack!") at me until I opened the window for him again. You all know how I feel about cold weather, yet there I was huddled against the space heater at the other end of the bathroom, trying to ignore the 45 degree air that was coming in the open window.

Rotten cat.

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