Saturday, October 04, 2003

Fred left this morning for his 10-day trip back to the States. He'll be in Charlottesville, VA, next week for the Worldwide SJA Conference, and then he'll drop down to Burnsville, NC, to visit his parents. I wanted us to take a military hop to Baltimore and join him and then continue on down to FL for my 20th high-school reunion with a return hop out of Atlanta, but it's just too soon. We've barely recovered from the trip here in August!

I drove for the first time over here. Sure, I got my license a couple of weeks ago, but I had been putting off actually getting behind the wheel. I started small--just up to the commissary and over to the PX. I don't know when I'll feel secure enough to hit the open road. (That sound you hear is every other driver in Germany sighing in relief.)

I dropped the kids off at the post theater this afternoon to watch some Pokemon movie. What a deal! Admission for the two of them was 2 bucks. They had a great time and are begging to see it again tomorrow (movies only show here for a couple of days at a time). Only problem is that they want ME to watch it with them. Ick.

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