Saturday, October 18, 2003

For the past few days, we've been noticing signs appearing on doors throughout our neighborhood. The signs show a ghost and say BOO! We chalked the whole thing up to some sort of unit function or inside joke and didn't pay much attention to it.

Last night Fred and I were watching Survivor (yes, it comes on here but not until Friday) when the doorbell rang. I hopped up to answer, but when I opened the door, nobody was there.

Instead there was only a brown paper bag full of Halloween goodies and decorated with one of the ubiquitous ghost signs. There was also a note indicating that we had been "spooked." The note instructed us to post our ghost prominently on our front door so that we wouldn't get spooked again and to pass the spooking along to 2 of our neighbors (in secret, of course).

So tonight we put together goodie bags of our own. I printed a couple copies of the instructions, and Annabelle drew our ghost signs. We chose 2 of our neighbors, and Fred and Annabelle slunk out in the dark to do the spooking. Mission accomplished!

Isn't this fun? I swear, living on post is like being back at college, only instead of a dorm room, everybody gets a house! In fact, we had a neighborhood Oktoberfest this afternoon that was basically a keg party with good food.

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